How Does MagniSun Work?

Let your tent or umbrella harness the power of the sun!


Now any beach umbrella or tent can be put to work charging a phone, or USB-compatible device, with the clean power of the sun. The MagniSun was conceived as a USB solar charger that can be easily clipped on to any umbrella or tent using magnetic straps. No other USB solar chargers offer magnetic straps for mounting on umbrellas or the fabric of tents, backpacks, tarps, outdoor sunshades, and awnings. The flexible panel can even be left attached to an umbrella while folded up and can fold up with it. While unattached, the MagniSun can be laid out on any flat surface.


The MagniSun solar charger can power USB-compatible devices including mobile phones, iPods, battery packs, cameras, GPS, vaporizer pens and ebooks.


In direct sunlight, the MagniSun will take about 4 hours to fully charge an average smart phone.